We’ve done it! We’ve just released a new version of iDispensa for iOS after a LOOOONG time.

With this version we introduced a the Boxes, as places where you can store the pantries. We propose 4 boxes (Foods, Drinks, Home, Pets) as default ones but you can add as many as you want according to your need!

During this development we have fixed some annoying bugs as well as improving a little bit the UI.

We keep on collecting your suggestions throughout the Feature request feature (which you can find on the Settings section) so don’t be shy and recommend us something you want to have in iDispensa to improve the app experience! By the way, we have planned some exciting features to be implemented for the next release so, stay tuned!

You can have a look into iDispensa by clicking on this link or just Download the app if you haven’t done yet!

Stefano Zambrini

Founder of BeLeopard