Hello world

This post describes how we manage our time in order to optmize the development of our products.

We are in 2022 and we firmly stand for the goal-oriented approach for our tasks. Since BeLeopard.com currenlty represents our side project, we don’t havev the chance to put more than a fixed about of time on our activities.

9-5 is hell

We don’t believe in the 9-5 model which we think as obsolete. Forcing employees to stay sit for 8 hours without any real need creates only damages.

Nowadays time is a critical asset for a person, and even if your employer cannot cause you wasting of it.

In BeLeopard, we use a shared Google Calendar where we put our availability slots. The calendar is updated with a weekly frequency so we can organise our work accordingly. The slots are put according to the deadline which are planned in advance and against the main work/study activities.

The approach is goal-based so we know that we should maximize the available timeframes to reach results.

Remote up to a point

Since we are an IT company, we don’t require anyone the office presence.

Most of the products which has been released has a 70% remote work behind so, for sure, we don’t think that physical presence has a significant impact on the productivity (in some cases can be the exact opposite). Zoom supports the remote control so we can enter into the employee screen in order to help each other.

Anyway, we think that the physical experience can give something more not regarding the productivity but mostly in terms of team building and in some circumstances like task planning.

In BeLeopard, we think that is possible meet distance and personal life with the company activities. An employee who can have a good worklife balance is a satisfied person and a satisfied person is someone who can deliver high-level results.

Stefano Zambrini

Founder of BeLeopard